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Essay Discussing Conflict In A Place Where The Sea Remembers

A Place Where the Sea Remembers by Sandra Benitez Essay examples

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A Place Where the Sea Remembers by Sandra Benitez

In, A Place Where the Sea Remembers, several events take place to describe the little city of Santiago, Mexico. This town is just south of the border by El Paso, Texas. The book focuses around a lady known as the Remedios. She is a very old healer that helps people with their problems of love, hate, etc. She is the "good" in the book, whereas El Brujo, the warlock, is the bad man in the book. This book's other strong point is that it has several short narratives that focus on one, or a few citizens of Santiago. A few examples are, Candelario (the salad maker), Marta (16 year old that's pregnant), Fulgencio (the photographer that loses all of his equipment) and Don Justo Flores…show more content…

The second example is when Candelario, even after being fired, wants to take Marta's baby, since his wife is not able to have one. Chayo, Candelario's wife was not able to have a baby so he thought that since Marta is Chayo's sister then he would love to raise her baby. This really shows how good of a guy he is. Right when I heard this I felt all warm inside, because there is still hope for humans and being the caring and loving type of people we should be. There were a few points in this book that taught me about life and how crazy it can be sometimes. The photographer named Fulgencio was very afraid of hitch hiking to Mexico City with a stranger, especially with all of us expensive equipment. On the ride, Fulgencio is so paranoid that the guy is going to kill him, he grabs a machete out of the back of the truck. In doing so he gets kicked out of the car and loses all of his photography equipment anyways. This taught me that we need to trust each other more, Just because there are a few crazy people in the world, we shouldn't let them give us all a bad name. I mean, the guy picked Fulgencio up when he was in desperate need of a car, and gives him a ride. He should have been thankful, not picked up a machete and threaten the guy. Another thing this book taught me was that just because your sister doesn't want your kid anymore because she

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In A Topographic point Where the Sea Remembers. Sandra Benitez invites us into a hypnotic universe filled with love. choler. calamity and hope. This rich and captivating narrative is a bittersweet portrayal of the people in Santiago. a Mexican small town by the sea. Each character faces a struggle that affects the class of his or her life. The characters in this struggle are Remedios. La curandera of the little town who listens to people’s narratives and gives them advice. Marta. a 16 twelvemonth old teenage miss. who was raped and became pregnant. Chayo is Marta’s large sister and Calendario is Chayo’s hubby. Justo Flores. his struggle is individual vs. ego. One of the most of import struggles in this narrative is individual vs. individual. so individual vs. supernatural followed by individual vs. ego.

Marta was raped at a immature age. so she wants to hold an abortion. As she talks about it. Calendario. her brother in-law promises her that he and Chayo would take attention of her babe when he is born. for he has been promoted to the salad shaper in town. But everything alterations when Chayo and Calendario are blessed with a kid that they thought they would ne’er hold. Since Chayo is about to hold a babe of her ain. she refuses to take attention of Marta’s babe. Marta’s dream is to travel to El Paso. She goes to see Calendario and she finds out that her ain sister did non desire to take attention of her kid because she is holding one of her ain. So that is when the struggle individual vs. individual begins between Marta and Chayo. When Chayo finds out about her sister’s treachery they do non talk for old ages. There are difficult feelings traveling on between them throughout the narrative.

Marta has a 2nd struggle. individual vs. supernatural. Marta goes to see Remedios. La Curandera. to assist her with her job. Remedios knows what happened to Marta even before she speaks. She knows that she was raped on the beach against her will. When Marta tells her about her job and asks if she could assist her Remedios refuses. Marta. defeated about her sister’s selfishness. goes to el brujo to set a enchantment on her sister’s boy. Marta regrets making that and goes to Remedios to undo the enchantment. Chayo still thinks the expletive is at that place after four old ages. Marta takes attention of her ain kid. and learns how to cover with the fact he came from a colza but in the terminal there is a turn of destiny. Remedios has seen Marta’s hereafter. She knows that her kid is traveling to decease ; she sees this when the male child was in his mother’s uterus.

The struggle of individual vs. individual begins with Don Justo Flores. Each twenty-four hours he goes to the beach where people beach pay him to see his birds perform fast ones. Don Justo is a alone adult male but he has a narrative. He had two married womans and five kids. including Justina. his first. and Ernestina. his fifth. Suddenly he receives a telegraph ; he suspects it is bad intelligence but he can non read. He hopes the telegraph is from Justina stating all is forgiven. So as he walks on the beach as usual. he finds a miss named Rita and asks her to pick her luck. Don Justo asks the cat following to her to read him the telegraph. The cat tells him it is bad intelligence after he reads. “Come place at one time. papa Justina is gone from us. ” ( A Topographic point Where the Sea Remembers. Sandra Benitez. p. 108 ) So he gathers his things and goes to town for tequila and he blames himself for non being a good male parent and non being at that place for Justina when she was a small miss. He remembers leting his 2nd married woman to force Justina out of the house ; he can non stand the hurting.

Whether we like it or non. struggle is a portion of mundane lives. It can go on to anyone. from your friends to your household. Often it is non the fact that struggle occurs. but how it is dealt with. how people react to it. After being touched by struggle. people can germinate and construct strong relationships. However. conversely many people can besides endure and be influenced. Therefore. in some ways conflict can be applaudable. and some ways it can be barbarous. Often struggle is violent. negative and destructive. However. this is non ever so. There are times where struggle can convey unexpected qualities from people change a individual for the better. Worlds are obstinate. In A Topographic point where the Sea Remembers. Marta and Chayo are sing individual vs. individual struggle. If the sisters understood each other and accepted that each other’s position is different. but non incorrect. there would non hold been any struggle.

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