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Media Literacy Assignment


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Studying the influence of mass media on our lives allows students to view advertising in a new light. This lesson provides students with the opportunity to look at mass media in a critical way. Students become aware of the tremendous amount of advertising that they are exposed to on a daily basis. By looking at advertising critically, students begin to understand how the media oppresses certain groups, convinces people to purchase certain products, and influences culture.

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PBS Media Literacy "Getting Started" activity ideas: Students become "cultural investigators" in the area of mass media by participating in the activities suggested at this helpful site.

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Morrell, E. (2002). Toward a critical pedagogy: Literacy development among urban youth. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy, 46, 72-76.

  • Popular culture can help students deconstruct dominant narratives and contend with oppressive practices in hopes of achieving a more egalitarian and inclusive society.

  • The raising of critical consciousness in people who have been oppressed is the first step in helping them to obtain critical literacy.


Semali, L. (2001). Defining new literacies in curricular practice. Reading Online,http://www.readingonline.org/newliteracies/semali1/index.html.

  • Television literacy affirms the need to teach children how to read and interpret television messages, including advertising.

  • The time has arrived to broaden the canons of traditional education and the curriculum to include the expanding technologies of television, film, video, and computers.

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The Media Literacy Roadmap was a special, one-time grant project designed to provide workshops and resources to Vancouver School Board educators and their students. The project partnered our team with Teacher-librarians and Teachers at participating schools where together we created workshops and resource materials on challenging media literacy topics, from civic engagement and social responsibility to consumerism and cyberbullying. The schools were left with a practical roadmap which they can use now and in the future when undertaking their own media literacy activities.

The Integrated Media Literacy Project was a special, one-time grant project designed to provide free, high-quality, in-class professional development to Lower Mainland educators. The focus was to integrate sustainable, simple and free online media tools into the Science, Social Studies, Language Arts and Math curricula while developing students criticality and media literacy skills. Teachers were provided with the tools to deliver media education and basic technical training to their students, while simultaneously engaging students in collaborative and challenging activities that powerfully deepened their learning.


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Media Literacy

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Branding, Consumerism, Audience

CMCH Media Literacy Lesson Plans

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Critical Media Literacy: TV Program

Discovery Education — Cyberspace and Technology

eWorkshop — Media Literacy Grades 4-6

Fairy Tales With A Modern Twist

Film Adaptation of a Novel – Creating The Movie Poster

The Final Frame: Amy (written by Dr. Rachel Ralph)

Find the Hidden Message: Media Literacy in Primary Grade

Free Action Coalition for Media Education Teaching Resources

A Guide to Effective Media Literacy Instruction Grades 4-6

Honest Food Labels: A Media Literacy Lesson Plan

How Media Shapes Perception

ITVS: Media Literacy

Jurassic Park: A Literacy WebQuest


McRel — Deconstructing Media Messages

Media Literacy: Advertising Lesson Plans

Media Literacy Science Lesson Plans

Moana: Media Study Guide (written by Dr. Rachel Ralph)

My Pop Studio + My Pop Studio Curriculum

Rules of Conduct: Media, Violence, Dating and Teenage Behavior

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Scholastic: Media Literacy Discussion Guide

See Jane Education

The Social Media Triangle

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Ten Television Analysis Writing Projects

Understanding Audience, Text, Production 

Wall-E: Media Study Guide (written by Dr. Rachel Ralph)

What is Media Literacy? A Lesson Plan

Where Are The Super Heroes of Colour?



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