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The Outsiders Soundtrack Assignment Of Contract

Job types on Music Match

A&R Assistant

  • An A&R Assistant can be responsible for supporting any and all A&R administrative tasks.. Specific responsibilities of this position often include office duties, helping to scout new bands, artists, and music, as well as attending shows and acting as a liaison between the A&R rep and the record label. This position must often maintain and develop relationships directly with artists, scout and research new artists, songwriters, and producers, review demo submissions, cover shows, coordinate detai [more.....]
    A&R Assistants on Music MatchA&R Assistant jobs

A&R Director

  • The Artist & Repertoire (A&R) Director runs the department responsible for finding and signing new music talent. They are responsible for the budget of the department, managing the staff, hiring new staff and sometimes acting as A&R manager for larger acts. They are responsible for managing the A&R coordinators and other A&R staff. An A&R Director needs a thorough understanding of music and the contemporary music scene. They need to know how music works and how albums are recorded and produce [more.....]
    A&R Directors on Music MatchA&R Director jobs

A&R Manager

  • A&R Managers are creative people with good business skills and a solid understanding of the music marketplace. It is not enough to like the music, an A&R Manager needs an excellent knowledge of the contemporary music scene and to understand what sells. The main job is picking acts that will be successful and then working with the act to find the right producers and writers. The process is very much a nurturing one to ensure the band or solo artist impacts at the right time with the right mate [more.....]
    A&R Managers on Music MatchA&R Manager jobs

A&R Scout

  • A&R (Artist & Repertoire) was developed when it was rare for artists to write their own material. A&R in those days was concerned with matching artists with songwriters. Nowadays A&R is responsible for scouting new talent, signing it to a label and then overseeing all aspects of the process that leads up to the delivery of all finished recordings. As well as scouting and signing singers and musicians an A&R Scout will often manage the recording process and be concerned with the development of ar [more.....]
    A&R Scouts on Music MatchA&R Scout jobs


  • An Accompanist is usually somebody who supports a singer, choir or an instrumentalist, by playing a musical accompaniment. There are many types of Accompanist. An Accompanist is often, but not always, a pianist. They may provide musical accompaniment to silent films, dance classes, choirs, or other musicians including ensembles, bands and individual musicians. A singing teacher who plays the piano for their pupil while they are singing is providing accompaniment just as a band or full orchestra [more.....]
    Accompanists on Music MatchAccompanist jobs

Account Executive

  • An Account Executive in the music industry may work in PR, Marketing or Sales. They are employed directly either by a music company, or by an agency specialising in the music or entertainment industry. They will usually be responsible for a specific client of the agency or company, or a specific brand or company product. In the music industry this may be a band or solo artist, or a record label. The Account Executive will often be responsible for a portfolio of clients or brands. The work is [more.....]
    Account Executives on Music MatchAccount Executive jobs

Account Manager

  • An Account Manager in the music industry is more senior than an account executive. They will make more strategic business decisions. They may be responsible for managing a team of account executives. Like account executives, an Account Manager may work in PR, marketing or sales. They are employed directly either by a music company, or by an agency specializing in the music or entertainment industry. They will usually be responsible for a specific client of the agency or company, or a specific [more.....]
    Account Managers on Music MatchAccount Manager jobs

Accountant (Qualified)

  • A Qualified Accountant in the music industry is a chartered Accountant with financial expertise within a music industry organization, record label or related music company. Professional qualifications in accountancy are essential for this role. An Accountant may be employed in different roles — as a management Accountant, as a specialized Account in a particular field or as an auditor. They will work on behalf of distributors, artists, writers, copyright societies and record companies. Some [more.....]
    Accountant (Qualified)s on Music MatchAccountant (Qualified) jobs

Accounts / Finance Assistant

  • The job description for an Accounts/Finance Assistant is defined by requiring this person to be responsible for departmental billings, processing both accounts payable and accounts receivable, preparing monthly and annual financial projections and reports, and any other job related tasks assigned by their superiors. An Accounts/Finance Assistant working in the Royalties department is generally responsible for assisting in ensuring that licensing deals are tracked and that payments are timely [more.....]
    Accounts / Finance Assistants on Music MatchAccounts / Finance Assistant jobs

Acting coach/teacher


  • An actor (alternatively actress for a female) is a person portraying a character in a dramatic or comic production; she or he performs in: film, television, theatre, or radio. [more.....]
    Actors on Music MatchActor jobs


Administrative Assistant

  • Working as an Administrative Assistant in the music industry can either be a satisfying job in its own right, or an excellent way to start a career in media or music. An Administrative Assistant role can be many things, depending on the size, nature and culture of the organization. If you are looking for a varied role with the opportunity to become involved in a wider range of tasks you are more likely to find this in a small company. For example, a small independent record label or music publis [more.....]
    Administrative Assistants on Music MatchAdministrative Assistant jobs


  • An Administrator in the music industry can take on different roles depending on the size and nature of the organization they are working for. They may work for a record company, musician's agency, orchestra, or music college, for example. Whatever the company, an Administrator is always in a position which is essential to the efficient working and success of the organization. Administrator can be a very senior role and can involve managing staff and sometimes responsibilities for the probit [more.....]
    Administrators on Music MatchAdministrator jobs

Admissions Counselor

  • The Admissions Counselor is engaged by a college or university to assist the director of admissions across all functions of the school admissions process. S/he may seek out prospective students, presenting them with the benefits of education and student life at his or her institution, as well as provide current students with academic advice. Counselors usually review not only the academic, but also the performing arts background of each applicant, in order to guide their academic career acco [more.....]
    Admissions Counselors on Music MatchAdmissions Counselor jobs


  • An Animateur produces images that appear to come to life on screen. Their animation can be seen in feature films, commercials, pop videos, computer games, websites and other media. They may work with drawings, specialist software or models and puppets, capturing separate images of each stage of a movement. When the images are viewed at speed the character appears to move. [more.....]
    Animateurs on Music MatchAnimateur jobs


  • An Arranger will rewrite a piece of existing music with additional new material or flesh out an existing idea or sketch for a singer, a group of performers or other music ensembles. A successful Arranger will work collaboratively with the writer with the aim of bringing out what the writer was trying to convey when they wrote it. They may make changes in the style, arrangement, or instrumentation and will add finishing touches and do the creative mixing. One of the most important skills of a [more.....]
    Arrangers on Music MatchArranger jobs

Artist Liaison

  • The Artist Liaison works as liaison between an artist and a hiring organization such as a record label or venue. This position ensures that both the artist and the hiring organization have a clear understanding of the logistics and business details of an event or tour, and encourage a musician's association with the organization. An Artist Liaison strengthens and develops the professional relationship between the artist and an organization by thinking strategically about how the relationship [more.....]
    Artist Liaisons on Music MatchArtist Liaison jobs

Artist Manager

  • An Artist Manager works on behalf of groups or artists to promote the artists' careers and run their business affairs. Their job is to secure the best work for their clients, for the best fee. The job may include: negotiating contracts and fees, finding and booking events and venues that match the artist's career strategy, advising on career decisions, publicity and promotion, helping them on career decisions such as which record producer to work with, or which songs to perform, and managing [more.....]
    Artist Managers on Music MatchArtist Manager jobs

Assistant Artist Manager

  • An Assistant Artist Manager (also known as Assistant Talent Manager), is an individual or company who guides the professional career of artists in the entertainment industry. The responsibility of the talent manager is to oversee the day-to-day business affairs of an artist; advise and counsel talent concerning professional matters, long-term plans and personal decisions which may affect their career. [more.....]
    Assistant Artist Managers on Music MatchAssistant Artist Manager jobs

Assistant Director

  • In Film, the role of an Assistant director includes tracking daily progress against the filming production schedule, arranging logistics, preparing daily call sheets, checking cast and crew, and maintaining order on the set. They also have to take care of health and safety of the crew. In Theatre, a person in this position is responsible for being at every rehearsal and meeting and for filling in for the director when his schedule requires him to be in two places at once, such as at a rehearsal [more.....]
    Assistant Directors on Music MatchAssistant Director jobs

Assistant Editor

  • This position is an entry-level editing job, assisting editors in various tasks. It has the responsibility of reviewing copy, and may read and evaluate manuscripts. Other working titles may be production assistant or copy editor. Responsiblities may include conducting research, fact checking, or copy editing, offering comments to improve the work of writers, providing administrative support to the editor, conducting data inputting and database searching, maintaining production schedules, and rep [more.....]
    Assistant Editors on Music MatchAssistant Editor jobs

Assistant Music Editor

Assistant Tour Manager

Associate Producer

  • The Associate Producer is an individual who performs a limited number of producing functions delegated to her/him by a producer, under the direct supervision and control of that producer. The term may also refer to a person who would qualify as an executive producer of a project, but for the fact that (s)he acts on behalf of a production company which is subordinate to another one on that project. [more.....]
    Associate Producers on Music MatchAssociate Producer jobs

Audio Engineer

  • From TV and movies, to CD and radio, an Audio Engineer makes the transmission and translation of sound, atmosphere, and music possible. They're a vital part of any production and tend to work in groups, especially on larger productions such as movies. An audio engineer uses machinery and equipment to record, synchronize, mix or reproduce music, voices, or sound effects. He or she can work in the movie, music recording, theater or video game industries. Audio engineers may also be called sound en [more.....]
    Audio Engineers on Music MatchAudio Engineer jobs

Audio Programmer

  • Audio Programmers work in the digital games industry. They are responsible for the processing, storage and playback of sound effects and music in the game. They write the software tools and utilities to support the sound and music. It is a highly skilled job and Audio Programmers need a high level of technical knowledge and understanding of a wide range of computer programs as well as a passion for the games. They will often work both for the game team directly and the software department. The A [more.....]
    Audio Programmers on Music MatchAudio Programmer jobs

Backing Singer

  • A Backing Vocalist or Backing Singer is a singer who doesn't sing in the lead but sings in harmony with the lead vocalist, other Backing Vocalists, or alone for effect on the instrumentals rather than singing the lead. Some Backing Vocalists are also work as session singers. Most Backing Vocalists work on a contract basis, but some may be contracted full time to an agency or production team. Some Backing Singers may specialize in harmony. They are skilled in hearing harmony lines over and aro [more.....]
    Backing Singers on Music MatchBacking Singer jobs

Bar Manager

  • A Bar Manager keeps a bar operating effectively. If the bar is located at a hotel or restaurant, the manager may also oversee dining and food preparation. The bar manager reviews the inventory, manages the money and staff, buys supplies and ensures that the bar meets legislative directives. She must also establish a physical presence at the bar and make adjustments to ensure customer service is consistently high. Bar managers regularly review bar operations, including special-event setups, p [more.....]
    Bar Managers on Music MatchBar Manager jobs

Bar Staff

  • A barback keeps a bar stocked with all the dishes and supplies bartender needs. This includes clean glasses for wine or beer and utensils if the bar sells food. A barback will restock beer, change the tap on a keg and restock any liquor the bartender needs. A barback usually makes a salary and receives 10 percent of the bartenders' tips. Many barbacks eventually train into a bartender. A bouncer or security guard often cards a person to identify if he is old enough to enter the bar. A bouncer [more.....]
    Bar Staffs on Music MatchBar Staff jobs

Board Operator

  • A Board Operator or Board Op is a particular type of operator at a radio station, television studio, or at a live production such as a theater or concert venue that provides live event support. The board operator is responsible for operation of the control system (board), and in the case of temporary or portable productions, the board op will also be responsible for the installation and testing of the control system as well. [more.....]
    Board Operators on Music MatchBoard Operator jobs


  • A Booker schedules live performances for their clients. To do so, they must network with venue operators, music promoters and other Bookers. They handle all financial matters in connection with the date and coordinate the scheduling logistics. Music Bookers may also be involved with promoting the events they book. Music Bookers must be organized, motivated and have good communication skills. Computer skills are needed to maintain databases of contacts and venue information. Knowledge of tour [more.....]
    Bookers on Music MatchBooker jobs

Booking Agent

  • An Artist Booker, or Booking Agent, works in the music industry to book performers for concerts, gigs and other live music performances. They often schedule performances and negotiate with the artists directly or with booking representatives or producers to arrange terms of contract, dates, and fees. They may also audition new talent. Artist Bookers or Booking Agents may either be employed in-house or work independently. They may specialize in independent bookings in a particular musical genre s [more.....]
    Booking Agents on Music MatchBooking Agent jobs

Booking Manager

Box Office Assistant

  • Working in the music industry as a Box Office Assistant can be a good way of experiencing the excitement of live performances and playing an important role in keeping customers happy and things running smoothly. A Box Office Assistant needs to maintain high standards of customer service and remain positive, confident and outgoing whatever the demands. They are the first point of contact for visitors to venues, and will be selling tickets for a wide range of events both over the phone and in pers [more.....]
    Box Office Assistants on Music MatchBox Office Assistant jobs

Box Office Manager

  • A Box Office Manager is responsible for managing the box office and supervising the box office assistants and other staff. They have overall responsibility for making sure customers are well looked after and happy with the service. The job of Box Officer Manager is often part of the marketing department of the venue and the Box Office Manager may be responsible for maximizing revenue from the sale of tickets. They may be expected to provide comprehensive database analysis and other information t [more.....]
    Box Office Managers on Music MatchBox Office Manager jobs

Brand / Product Management, Assistant

  • The role of a Brand Manager or Product Manager working in the music industry is to help create and implement marketing campaigns to maximize the sales of music from a particular record label, artist, online music service, radio station or other music product. They will usually be employed by a large or well established record label or music company and are likely to be responsible for managing the campaigns for a specific artist, product or group of artists. For example a large record company ma [more.....]
    Brand / Product Management, Assistants on Music MatchBrand / Product Management, Assistant jobs

Brand / Product Management, Manager

  • The role of a Brand Manager or Product Manager working in the music industry is to help create and implement marketing campaigns to maximize the sales of music from a particular record label, artist, online music service, radio station or other music product. They will usually be employed by a large or well established record label or music company and are likely to be responsible for managing the campaigns for a specific artist, product or group of artists. For example a large record company ma [more.....]
    Brand / Product Management, Managers on Music MatchBrand / Product Management, Manager jobs

Business Affairs Assistant

  • A Business Affairs Assistant has a wide range of duties and responsibilities in an organization. S/he may be allocated to assist in the various affairs of a single department or project or might be required to assist in the responsibilities of the entire organization. His or her basic duties involve assistance with daily office administration, business operations, and budgetary recommendations. He also assists in the process of submitting detailed reports about the working of the organization. M [more.....]
    Business Affairs Assistants on Music MatchBusiness Affairs Assistant jobs

Business Affairs, Manager

  • A Business Affairs Manager has a wide range of duties and responsibilities in an organization. S/he may be allocated to oversee the various affairs of a single department or project or might be required to oversee the responsibilities of an entire organization. His or her basic duties involve supervision of performances of staff, business operations, and budgetary recommendations. He or she also plays an active role in decision making process by submitting detailed reports about the working [more.....]
    Business Affairs, Managers on Music MatchBusiness Affairs, Manager jobs

Business Consultant

  • A Business Consultant is a position that requires someone with insight, foresight, and a general overall perspective of a company and where it stands among its competitors. This is often a role that is outsourced or a contracted position by a company, because it requires someone who is not necessarily a part of the integral day to day operations of that company. [more.....]
    Business Consultants on Music MatchBusiness Consultant jobs

Business Development, Assistant

  • The role of a Business Development Assistant in the music industry is to provide support in the growth and development of the company, orchestra or other music ensemble, record company or community music organization. Their job may be to support growing sales, raise funding and sponsorship or reaching more or different types of audiences and clients. The role is very varied and depends on the nature of the business and what their specific needs are. Business Development Assistants may help with [more.....]
    Business Development, Assistants on Music MatchBusiness Development, Assistant jobs

Business Development, Manager

  • A Business Development Manager in the music industry will be employed by a music company, artist, music ensemble or music organization to be responsible for carrying out strategy to develop their business, their profile or their organization in line with what they want to achieve. The role is very varied and depends on the nature of the business and what their specific needs are. A Business Development Manager will manage the team of people responsible for researching the existing market and eme [more.....]
    Business Development, Managers on Music MatchBusiness Development, Manager jobs


Catalog Assistant

  • The Catalog Assistant is responsible for assisting in the compiling, sorting, shelving, issuing and receiving of catalog materials such as electronic media. This position must locate catalog materials and replace material in shelving areas, stacks, databases or files according to identification number and title. [more.....]
    Catalog Assistants on Music MatchCatalog Assistant jobs

Catalog Manager

  • The Catalog Manager is responsible for compiling, sorting, shelving, issuing and receiving of catalog materials such as electronic media. This position must locate catalog materials and replace material in shelving areas, stacks, databases or files according to identification number and title. [more.....]
    Catalog Managers on Music MatchCatalog Manager jobs

Catalog Marketing, Assistant

  • A Catalog Assistant will be employed by a music publisher, record label, music archive or any company that has a music resource that needs to be made available and easily accessible to users and clients. They may help to set up the management systems for the catalog, maintain the records and keep them up to date, and help in promoting and publicizing the catalog. The catalog may be for the general public, specific sectors of the general public such as music academics and researchers, or for the [more.....]
    Catalog Marketing, Assistants on Music MatchCatalog Marketing, Assistant jobs

Catalog Marketing, Manager

  • A Catalog Manager will be employed by a music publisher, record label, music archive or any company that has a music resource that needs to be made available and easily accessible to users and clients. They may devise, implement and maintain the management systems for the catalog, and help to promote and publicize the catalog. The catalog may be for the general public or specific sectors of the general public such as music academics and researchers, or for the internal use of the company. Catalo [more.....]
    Catalog Marketing, Managers on Music MatchCatalog Marketing, Manager jobs


  • Choreographers create and arrange original dances, combining steps and movements to form an artistic whole. They also develop new interpretations of traditional dances. Choreographers usually audition performers and teach them a dance at rehearsals. They often stage and direct presentations of their own works. [more.....]
    Choreographers on Music MatchChoreographer jobs

Club DJ

  • The Club DJ works primarily at nightclubs and bars. Most Club DJs have residencies (secured gigs at specific clubs) and perform daily, weekly or monthly. The most important goal of the club DJ is to keep the dance floor packed with patrons, while clearing it periodically so that bar sales will increase. [more.....]
    Club DJs on Music MatchClub DJ jobs

Club Manager

  • A Club Manager or Nightclub Manager is responsible for the cost effective and successful operation of the club. The character of clubs in the music industry is very diverse. Some will offer live music most or all nights, some may specialize in DJs. Whether the club is independent or owned by a chain it has its own identity and is likely to specialize in a particular type of music, such as dance, house, folk or rock. A Club Manager's role involves a wide variety of tasks and a high level of re [more.....]
    Club Managers on Music MatchClub Manager jobs

Community Music Worker

  • Community Music Workers collaborate with a wide variety of local groups, encouraging the use of music related activities to support their development and improve the quality of life of individuals from the local community. A Community Music Worker will often work in areas where there are social, cultural or environmental issues to be addressed. Many of the people they work with come from groups that are considered to be disadvantaged or vulnerable in some way, such as children from disadvantaged [more.....]
    Community Music Workers on Music MatchCommunity Music Worker jobs


  • Music Composers create works of music that can be performed by orchestras, voices, groups of musicians and soloists. The compositions may be in any style, such as classical, rock, soul, rhythm and blues, opera, pop, jazz, funk, blues, big band, country or folk. As well as music for live performance, Composers create music for film, radio, computer, hand held games and other media. Composers create their compositions with rhythm, melody and texture in a variety of ways. Some Composers do not b [more.....]
    Composers on Music MatchComposer jobs

Concert Assistant

  • A Concert Assistant will usually be employed by an orchestra or other musical ensemble in the field of classical music. Their job is to ensure the smooth running of the rehearsal and concert, with particular responsibilities for the orchestra, soloists and conductor or other musicians. The Concert Assistant will make sure the requirements of the detailed rehearsal and concert schedule are met. These requirements are often set out by the conductor or concert manager. A Concert Assistant may h [more.....]
    Concert Assistants on Music MatchConcert Assistant jobs

Concert Manager

  • A Concert Manager will usually be employed by an orchestra or other musical ensemble in the field of classical music, or by a concert venue. Their job is to ensure the smooth running of the rehearsal and concert, with particular responsibilities for the orchestra, soloists and conductor or other musicians. They will make decisions, with the conductor or director, about rehearsals, concert schedules and arrangements, and make sure those requirements are met. The Concert Manager's task will i [more.....]
    Concert Managers on Music MatchConcert Manager jobs


  • Music Conductors help groups of instrumentalists and singers to interpret and perform pieces of music. They prepare musical scores for performance, and form clear ideas about how they should sound. They then lead a group of performers and help them to realize these ideas, making sure that performers understand their roles and play and sing well together, producing the right notes at the right speed. Conductors work with a range of performers including amateur and professional orchestras and c [more.....]
    Conductors on Music MatchConductor jobs



  • The Controller position is responsible for the overall accounting department of a company. This includes generating and distributing financial reports, maintaining financial records, defining company budgets, and ensuring fair and legal practices of all company financial reporting. [more.....]
    Controllers on Music MatchController jobs


  • In the Music Industry, a Copyist creates the final, written music to use during a recording session. Traditionally, the composer or orchestrator would present the Copyist with a music score written in pencil. From this written score the Copyist would create a clean, computer-engraved copy using software such as Finale or Sibelius. The Copyist is responsible for creating a computer generated copy of the score as well as the individual parts for each instrument, making sure everything is bound [more.....]
    Copyists on Music MatchCopyist jobs

Copyright Assistant

  • A Copyright Assistant generally assists in collecting and distributing royalties due to copyright owners. Responsibilities can include registering claims to songs at collection agencies, processing the royalties which result from the exploitation of songs, data entry of song information into copyright/royalty systems and copyright research. [more.....]
    Copyright Assistants on Music MatchCopyright Assistant jobs

Corporate/Institutional Giving Manager

Creative Services, Assistant

Creative Services, Manager

  • A Creative Services Manager will be the lead on projects requiring creative services. This position deals with the marketing, advertising, promotions, and other media related arms of a company. This position may require design for visuals representing the company, new ideas for promotions, new media, or other inventive ways to better the company. [more.....]
    Creative Services, Managers on Music MatchCreative Services, Manager jobs


Customer Support Representative

  • A Customer Support Representative is the person who will provide quality assurance and information to customers. They are the liaison between the company and it's customers, and serve customers by providing product and service information and resolving product and service problems. Customer support representatives are generally responsible for attracting potential customers by answering product and service questions; suggesting information about other products and services, opening customer [more.....]
    Customer Support Representatives on Music MatchCustomer Support Representative jobs

Dance Instructor

  • A Dance Instructor instructs, explains, and demonstrates techniques and methods of dance with musical or rhythmic accompaniment to students of all ages. This position is hands-on, requiring the instructor to be able to demonstrate methods and techniques for the class, observe and correct students as they attempt maneuvers themselves, and offer suggestions to students on how to improve their dance techniques. [more.....]
    Dance Instructors on Music MatchDance Instructor jobs


  • A Dancer uses movement, gesture and body language to portray a character, story, situation or abstract concept to an audience, usually to the accompaniment of music. This usually involves interpreting the work of a choreographer, however it may sometimes require improvisation. Many dancers follow portfolio careers, combining performance with teaching, choreography or administrative work in a dance company. [more.....]
    Dancers on Music MatchDancer jobs

Database Developer

  • Every computer program needs the support of the database as a backend for its proper functioning, and Database Developers design these database systems from scratch. Responsibilities may include collecting data, analyzing the collected information, designing algorithms, drawing flowcharts and then implementing code for the logic developed through these algorithms and flowcharts. Database developers should have mastered database programming skills using database languages like Oracle, PL SQL [more.....]
    Database Developers on Music MatchDatabase Developer jobs

Director, Music Video

  • Music Video Directors are responsible for storyboarding and composing a shot-by-shot vision for a music video. They must analyze a song and synchronize their video to the rhythm of its music. Music Video Directors must collaborate with the production crew and actors to create a unified video. A director is responsible for determining how the film moves, sounds and looks, as well as for the performances of the actors. On set, the director takes charge of the artistic and technical aspects of the [more.....]
    Director, Music Videos on Music MatchDirector, Music Video jobs

Distribution, Assistant

  • Distribution Assistants report directly to the distribution supervisor and may require minimal supervision. In the music industry, Distribution Assistants may be responsible for the distribution of various media, music products, equipment and instruments. This position may be in charge of preparing items for distribution or shipment. Assistants may also verify incoming shipments or verify distribution is accurately scheduled. They can process payments necessary to order more products to be d [more.....]
    Distribution, Assistants on Music MatchDistribution, Assistant jobs

Distribution, Management

  • A Distribution Manager is accountable for the strategic planning of transport of products. In the music industry, this position can be responsible for the distribution of various media, music products, equipment, and instruments. Distribution managers monitor the shipping from the distribution centers, to ensure the products are delivered in an accurate and timely manner. A distribution manager is a member of the company's management team and work with the marketing executives to ensure products [more.....]
    Distribution, Managements on Music MatchDistribution, Management jobs

Distribution, Sales Reps



  • A Driver is responsible for the transportation of artists and equipment. S/he must strictly adhere to traffic laws practice cautious driving in order to ensure the safety of passengers and materials. HGV Drivers are responsible for moving heavy goods in large vehicles. [more.....]
    Drivers on Music MatchDriver jobs



  • An Editor reviews and approves proofs submitted prior to publication. This position develops a story or content ideas, considering reader or audience appeal, oversees publication production, including artwork, layout, computer typesetting, and printing, ensuring adherence to deadlines and budget requirements, confers with management and editorial staff members regarding placement and emphasis of developing news stories. An Editor assigns topics, events and stories to individual writers or report [more.....]
    Editors on Music MatchEditor jobs

Editorial Assistant

Education / Development Officer

  • An Education/Development Officer is responsible for supporting an organization's financial well being through fundraising. After making contact with a donor, a development officer must convey the goals of their organization while explaining how a donor's contribution can help further the mission. Development officers sometimes host or attend events in order to persuade funding sources, meaning they must also be willing to work long nights and weekends. [more.....]
    Education / Development Officers on Music MatchEducation / Development Officer jobs


  • An audio engineer, also called audio technician, audio technologist or sound technician, is a specialist in a skilled trade that deals with the use of machinery and equipment for the recording, mixing and reproduction of sounds. The field draws on many artistic and vocational areas, including electronics, acoustics, psychoacoustics, and music. An audio technician is proficient with different types of recording media, such as analog tape, digital multitrack recorders and workstations, and compute [more.....]
    Engineers on Music MatchEngineer jobs

Engineer, Assistant

  • An Assistant Engineer will assist the recording engineer in operating the soundboard and other electrical equipment during the recording session, usually in the recording studio. They will assist in recording, editing, mixing and mastering sound using a range of specialized mechanical and digital equipment. While usually associated with music production, an Assistant Engineer may work in post production for video and film, live sound, advertising, multimedia, and broadcasting. They are responsib [more.....]
    Engineer, Assistants on Music MatchEngineer, Assistant jobs

Engineer, Front of House Sound

  • The Front of House Engineer controls the mix for the audience during a live event, and most often operates from the middle of the audience or at the last few rows of the audience from an equipment area known as the "Front Of House Position" or "FOH". A front of house engineer will often use a variety of processors and effects to provide a particular style to the mix. As with the monitor engineer, front of house engineers are constantly listening to the overall blend in order to make decisions ab [more.....]
    Engineer, Front of House Sounds on Music MatchEngineer, Front of House Sound jobs

Engineer, Monitor

  • The Monitor Engineer's role is most essential at music events, as opposed to spoken word events. In most cases, each performer on stage has their own individual mix that is custom tailored by the monitor engineer to suit their audio needs. The monitor engineer is then faced with the challenge of pleasing anywhere from four to ten or more musicians with a good mix. At shows with a separate monitor mix position, that mixer is typically located just off-stage, to provide easier communication betwee [more.....]
    Engineer, Monitors on Music MatchEngineer, Monitor jobs

Engineer, Recording

  • Recording Engineers (sound engineers or audio engineers) usually work in recording studios making high quality sound recordings, mainly for the music and entertainment industry. They need to be able to operate complex electronic equipment to reproduce music, dialogue, sound effects and other audio content to the highest quality. This may be for commercial music CDs or albums, radio, television and theater, commercials or corporate presentations and promotions. They operate sophisticated elec [more.....]
    Engineer, Recordings on Music MatchEngineer, Recording jobs


  • A Music Engraver offers many different services including music typesetting, note setting, editing and score preparation. Usually using engraving software, an Engraver specializes in transforming handwritten manuscripts into a computer typeset electronic engraving for a successful presentation or publication. Engravers can also draw out music notation by hand. [more.....]
    Engravers on Music MatchEngraver jobs

Events, Assistant

  • An Events Assistant is an employee who is often needed at places like concert halls, athletics facilities, civic centers and theaters. The Events Assistant--generally speaking--is responsible for making sure that shows or events scheduled at a location proceed as planned. [more.....]
    Events, Assistants on Music MatchEvents, Assistant jobs

Events, Management

  • An Event Manager is an employee who is often needed at places like concert halls, athletics facilities, civic centers and theaters. The Event Manager--generally speaking--is responsible for making sure that shows or events scheduled at a location proceed as planned. An event manager is responsible for finding an act, show or organization to hold an event in the facility that he manages. For example, if an event manager works for a conference center, he would work with the local convention and [more.....]
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Executive Assistant

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Unofficially, Björk put out her first album in 1977, at the age of 12, after a tape of her singing was sent to Iceland's only radio station and she won a contract with a local record agency.

Most people outside of her native Iceland heard the singer's unique voice for the first time a decade later, however, when her punk band The Sugarcubes took to the international airwaves with their hit, "Birthday." As frontwoman for the band, Björk became the face of the "biggest rock band to emerge from Iceland" according to Rolling Stone magazine.

Considering the numerous, wide-ranging bands to follow their path to fame overseas — Sigur Ros, Olafur Arnolds, Of Monsters and Men — it could be said that Björk spearheaded a new musical movement,  one combining nature and technology; a mix of atmospheric noise, electronic beats and traditional musical tools.

Although The Sugarcubes broke up after three albums, Björk continued her career in her own name, releasing "Debut" in 1993 to great acclaim. Nestled into the burgeoning electronic dance music category, the album was unlike anything created before — and each song completely unique from the others, save one element: Björk's voice, at times angelic, at times angry. The hit "Human Behaviour," with its loud crescendo and raging guitar was the polar opposite of the sugar-sweet "Like Someone in Love," with its harp accompaniment.

At a concert in the 1990s in Hamburg

That polarity, combined with Björk's powerful personality, ensured her a place both on the Billboard charts and in the hearts of the freaks, geeks and punks. Her songs were played on the radio and videos were on repeat on MTV, and yet her originality and couldn't-care-less attitude won over club kids and members of the gay community. An original all-around artist, she appealed to both the mainstream and to people who saw themselves as outsiders.

Film star and fashion avant-gardist

"Debut" was followed shortly by "Post" and two years late by "Homogenic." Each new album expressed the versatility in Björk's repertoire. Whereas "Post" had a poppier beat, "Homogenic" took on the fast paces of the drum-and-bass sounds popular in London at the time of its release and secured Björk a fan base within the club and rave scene. It is also one of the first forays into the creation of music using a laptop and software, something the singer and producer has continued to experiment with throughout her career.

Read more: Björk's music as art

At the height of her early fame, the singer agreed to act in a musical tragedy directed by Lars von Trier, "Dancer in the Dark" — her first and only starring role in a movie, for which she took home the Best Actress award at Cannes. The movie, which follows the struggles of a single mother working in a factory who is slowly losing her eyesight, is filled with an Oscar-nominated soundtrack created by Björk herself, using everyday household sounds as background to the beats.

While her musical talents remained unparalleled — indeed there is no other artist comparable to Björk — her movie debut and involvement in fashion and the arts made the Icelandic singer a global phenomenon. She turned heads on the Oscar red carpet when she appeared in a tulle dress made to look as though a swan had been wrapped around her neck. On later tours, her stage costumes were designed by Alexander McQueen and Iris van Herpen and lent a fantastic touch to her performances.

She never seems to grow old: Björk turned 50 in 2015

Trademark quirkiness

After making her much-lauded film debut, Björk returned to music. With "Vespertine," released in August 2001, she took a more melodic approach to creation, using harpists and a string orchestra to accompany the sounds of nature that she'd pre-recorded using software. On tour, she traveled with a chorus of women from Greenland whose cherubic voices make up the backdrop of an album that is simultaneously quiet and stirring in its power.

Like her previous releases, the album sold well, even as it stirred up controversy for her artistic music videos which were ultimately censored for featuring nipple piercings and simulated oral sex. Her artistic openness about sexuality drew more fans to the singer already well-known for her quirkiness.

As she released two more studio albums, "Medulla" and "Volta," she likewise carried on with performances and art contributions, including an experimental art film undertaken with her partner at the time, Matthew Barney.

In 2015, the Museum of Modern Art held a multi-media retrospective featuring a sound installation as well as several of her most unique stage costumes and elements from her music videos, including robots designed for the video to accompany the song, "All is Full of Love." Later that year, after learning of threats to leak parts of her next album online, Björk released "Vulnicura" in electronic format two months early.

The album was a shift from her earlier works, more personal in its lyrics, which were written as she coped with the break-up of her partnership with Barney, and much heavier, the sounds carrying weight emotionally.

A 'Utopia' for women

If "Vulnicura" exemplified the melancholy and rage felt after the death of a relationship, then the following album — "Utopia," released November 24, 2017 — responds to those feelings with a rage all its own.

A, dare say, feminist rage that provides a soundtrack to the current times. On the cover art, the singer is adorned in make-up and pearls — the work of Berlin-based avant-garde drag queen Hungry — and made up with a replica of a vagina on her forehead.

Shortly before its release, Björk took to her Facebook page to declare her support for women coming forward with sexual assault allegations by offering information about her own experiences with what she referred to as a "Danish director."

Read more:How people are saying #MeToo around the world

And that is what it feels like Björk is trying to do with her latest album. "Utopia," a versatile mix of love laments and rage, of natural noises and technological components, provides hope, even as it breaks from the mold of all the music that has come before it.

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