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Acca Oxford Brookes Dissertation Writing


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Topics 8 and 15 new requirements: November 2017 (Period 35) and May 2018 (Period 36)

All students submitting a project on topic 8 or topic 15 in either November2017 or May 2018 MUST use sector specific organisations, based on the Industry Classification Benchmark (ICB)

For period 35 and 36 these sectors are:

2713 Aerospace

Manufacturers, assemblers and distributors of aircraft and aircraft parts primarily used in commercial or private air transport. Excludes manufacturers of communications satellites, which are classified under Telecommunications Equipment

3577 Food Products

Food producers, including meatpacking, snacks, fruits, vegetables, dairy products and frozen seafood. Includes producers of pet food and manufacturers of dietary supplements, vitamins and related items. Excludes producers of fruit juices, tea, coffee, bottled water and other non-alcoholic beverages, which are classified under Soft Drinks.

5753 Hotels

Operators and managers of hotels, motels, lodges, resorts, spas and campgrounds.

These sectors will apply to students submitting for the first time or for students changing company and/or topic in both the November 2017 (Period 35) and May 2018 (Period 36). 

The industry sectors will be updated by Oxford Brookes and published each year in June/July for the next two submission periods.

For all topics other than 8 and 15, please also note the requirement to base your project on recent organisational activity or processes rather than historical events. (For this purpose ‘historical’ refers to activity that took place more than the three full calendar years preceding the start of the current submission period.)

For example if you were proposing to submit a project in May 2018 for topic 19 the merger or acquisition would have to have taken place AFTER 1 JANUARY 2015.

The main focus of your project research must be an analysis/evaluation of the project topic area issues in the context of your chosen organisation.

For queries, please email acca@brookes.ac.uk

RAP submission dates

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Resubmitting your RAP

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