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Chipping Norton Theatre History Assignment

Three grandsons embark with their grannies on an anarchic journey into the past - a complex road movie about intergenerational dialogue in Great Britain, Germany and Hungary.

A 87 minutes long documentary film.

This is a FREE screening, however there is a £10 suggested donation which will be accepted at the door.


There will be a short Q & A after the show with the directors, Meredith Colchester, Ruben Woodin Dechamps & Balint Revesz

“Granny Project” is a seven-year- long investigation of three young men coming to terms with their heritage through the extraordinary lives of their grandmothers: an English spy, a dancer from Nazi Germany and a Hungarian communist Holocaust survivor.

These guys move back and forth across Europe at the same time as their grandmothers set off on a virtual journey of memory. They transport their grannies back to their youth and in doing so provide us with an insight into the transcendental connection between grandparents and grandchildren, on the verge of the 21st century.

It’s a coming of age story of three young men and a ‘coming out of age’ tale of their grandmothers, an experiment to form a language which the forthcoming generations could use to keep the values, generated in the 20th century, alive.

The film deals with classic values and taboo-like historical topics - and the method used is equally important as it gives an insight to the zeitgeist of the young today.


The Theatre Chipping Norton, sometimes The Theatre, Chipping Norton, is a theatre, cinema, gallery and music venue in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, England.[1][2]

The main auditorium was originally a Salvation Army citadel, built in 1888. After some years as a furniture warehouse it was rediscovered in 1968; fundraising began in 1973, the theatre was registered as a charity in 1974, and it opened as a theatre in 1975. It acquired adjoining properties to provide space for bar, gallery, green rooms, offices and rehearsal space, and underwent a major refurbishment in 1996 with Arts Council England assistance.[3]

The theatre produces original shows and hosts touring companies; in 2016 it co-produced with The Dukes a 20th-anniversary touring production of Stones in His Pockets. It prides itself on its annual "world-renowned traditional family pantomime".[3][4][5]


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