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Galtung Essays In Peace Research


Here you can find a collection of some of the papers and articles by Johan Galtung.
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1. Johan Galtung, Christian Beck, Johannes Jaagstad: Educational Growth and Educational Disparity (PEP 1)58 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Deductive Thinking and Political Practice: An Essay on Teutonic Intellectual Style20 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Is Peaceful Research Possible? On the Methodology of Peace Research25 pp
4. Johan Galtung: On Macro-History and Western Civilization (TWC 1)44 pp
5. Erik Rudeng: Concepts of Western Pluralism (TWC 2)52 pp
6. Tore Heiestad: Some Longitudinal Tendencies (TWC 3)37 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Schooling and Future Society (PEP 2)39 pp
8. Johan Galtung: Peace as a Profession and New Peace Action Roles20 pp
9. Johan Galtung: East-West Security and Cooperation: A Skeptical Contribution14 pp
10. Johan Galtung: World Indicators (WIP 1)47 pp
11. Johan Galtung, Amalendu Guha, Anders Wirak, Malva Cifuentes, A. Lovbraek, S. Sjolie: Measuring World Development (WIP 2)75 pp
12. Amalendu B. Guha: Rumania as a Development Model32 pp
13. Erik Rudeng: The State of Macro-History Today (TWC 4)26 pp
14. Johan Galtung, Veslemoy Wiese: Measuring Non-Formal Education (WIP 3 / PEP 3)37 pp
15. Malva Cifuentes: Acerca de Educacion Formal/Informal: Una Experiencia en Chile 1972-73 (WIP 4 / PEP 4) (Spanish)26 pp
16. Veslemoy Wiese: Adult Education in Norway and Sweden (WIP 5/PEP 5)27 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Achieving Peace15 pp
18. Magnus Haavelsrud: Principles of Peace Education (PEP 6)23 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Human Settlements: A Theory, Some Strategies and Some Proposals (WIP 6)30 pp
20. Johan Galtung: The Lome Convention and Neo-Capitalism16 pp
21. Jon Elster: Leibniz and the Development of Economic Rationality (TWC 5)18 pp
22. Johan Galtung: Social Imperialism and Sub-Imperialism: Continuities in the Structural Theory of Imperialism24 pp
23. Johan Galtung: The Dialectics of Education: The Inter-University Centre in Dubrovnik (PEP 7)24 pp
24. Johan Galtung, Helge Hveem: Participants in Peace-Keeping Forces27 pp
25. Dag Poleszynski: Ecology, Energy and Resources: Some Problems of Indicator Formation (WIP 8)28 pp
26. Tore Heiestad: Some Longitudinal Tendencies II (TWC 6)128 pp
27. Hakon Stang: Westernness and Islam (TWC 7)96 pp
28. Erik Rudeng: Patterns of Western History: Unity in Diversity (TWC 8)81 pp
29. Johan Galtung: Alternative Life Styles in Rich Countries: A Think Piece19 pp
30. Johan Galtung: The Specific Contribution of Peace Research to the Study of the Causes of Violence: Typologies21 pp
1. Johan Galtung: The United Nations University: Some Ideas (G1.)4 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Report of the First United Nations University Expert Group on World Hunger, September 22-26, 1975 (G2.)16 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Goals and Processes of Development: An Integrated View (G3.)28 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Global Processes and the World in the 1980s: Prolegomenon I for a GPID World Model (G4.)23+9 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Towards a GPID World Model: Some Basic Considerations (G5.)26 pp
6. Johan Galtung: The GPID(L) World Model: Some Basic Aspects (G6.)28 pp
7. Johan Galtung: On Human Centered Development: Images of Human Development in Different Civilizations (HD1.)17 pp
8. Johan Galtung: On the Theory of Human-Centered Theories (HD2.)10 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Development Goals: The View From the Bottom (HD3.)9 pp
10. Johan Galtung: On the Relationship Between Human Rights and Human Needs (HD4.)50 pp
11. Johan Galtung: Five Cosmologies: An Impressionistic Presentation (DC1.)22+4 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Eschatology, Cosmology and the Formation of Visions (DC2.)25+4 pp
13. Johan Galtung: On the Future of South America: Some Notes on the Role of Iberic Cosmology (DC3.)13+6 pp
14. Johan Galtung: On the Meaning of "Nation" as a Variable (DC4.)37 pp
15. Johan Galtung: What Is Cultural Development? (DC5.)7 pp
16. Johan Galtung: On Alpha and Beta and Their Many Combinations (DS1.)83 pp
17. Johan Galtung: On Expansion/Exploitation - On Autonomy/Liberation:
1. Two Concepts of Exploitation
2. Exploitation: A Multidimensional View
3. Liberation: A Multidimensional View (DS2.)
48+2 pp
18. Johan Galtung: On the Rise of Intellectuals as a Class: An Excursion Into Self-Criticism (DS3.)15 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Small Is Beautiful - How Much Big Is Necessary? An Essay On Federalism (DS4.)11 pp
20. Johan Galtung: Freedom and Pluralistic Society: An Essay on Federalism (DS5.)20 pp
21. Johan Galtung: "A Structural Theory of Imperialism" - Ten Years Later (DS6.)17+3 pp
22. Johan Galtung: The Brandt Report: Old Wine in Old Bottles with New Labels (DS7.)18 pp
23. Johan Galtung: Poland, August-September 1980: Is a Socialist Revolution under State Capitalism Possible? In Journal of Peace Research, No.4, Vol. XVII, 1980 (DS8.)281-90 pp
24. Johan Galtung: Goals, Processes and Indicators of Food, Health and Energy Development (FHE1.)34+7 pp
25. Johan Galtung: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Perspective and Ten Theses (FHE2.)23+16 pp
26. Johan Galtung: Society and Health: Some Health Related Societal Trends in Industrialized Countries (FHE3.)17+6 pp
27. Johan Galtung: Perspectives on Environmental Politics in Overdeveloped and Underdeveloped Countries (FHE4.)25 pp
28. Johan Galtung: World Economic Crisis in the Near Future: Some First and Third World Scenarios (FHE5.)21 pp
29. Johan Galtung: Growth in Services, International Division of Labor and the Future of the International System (FHE6.)18 pp
30. Johan Galtung: The Changing Interface Between Peace and Development in a Changing World (PM1.)9+1 pp
31. Johan Galtung: Military Formations and Social Formations: A Structural Analysis (PM2.)26 pp
32. Johan Galtung: Nine Points About the Neutron Bomb (PM3.)3 pp
33. Johan Galtung: Alternative Ways of Life: A New Approach to Development Studies (AWL1.)10 pp
34. Johan Galtung: Overdevelopment and Alternative Ways of Life in High Income Countries (AWL2.)35 pp
35. Johan Galtung: Why the Concern With Ways of Life? (AWL3.)26 pp
36. Johan Galtung: Overdevelopment and Alternative Ways of Life in High Income Countries (AWL4.)14+1 pp
37. Johan Galtung: The Struggle Against Maldevelopment in High Income Countries (AWL5.)5 pp
38. Johan Galtung: Alternative Ways of Life: Towards a Typology (AWL6.)3 pp
39. Johan Galtung: Style of Leadership and Way of Life: Politicians and the Theory of Development (AWL7.)11 pp
40. Johan Galtung: Class Struggle and WOL Struggle (AWL8.)2 pp
41. Johan Galtung: Weakening the Strong and Strengthening the Weak: Towards a Theory of Strategies for Development (S1.)23 pp
42. Johan Galtung: On the Strategy of Development of Developed Countries: The Red-Green Alliance and Its Problems (S2.)8 pp
43. Johan Galtung: Three Modes of Approaching Social Goals (S3.)5 pp
44. Johan Galtung: Strategies For Democratization of the Nonterritorial Continent (S4.)9 pp
45. Johan Galtung: Is There a Chinese Strategy of Development? A Contribution to an Everlasting Debate (S5.)25 pp
46. Johan Galtung: ICJ Conference on Development and the Rule of Law: What Kind of Development And What Kind of Law? (S6.)12 pp
47. Johan Galtung: The Blue and the Red; The Green and the Brown: A Guide to Movements and Countermovements (S7.)32+2 pp
48. Johan Galtung: On the Future of Transnational Corporations: Two Scenarios (S8.)8 pp
49. Johan Galtung: In Defense of Epistemological Eclecticism (M1.)20 pp
50. Johan Galtung: Dialogue as Development: On Goals, Processes and Indicators of Dialogues (M2.)28+8 pp
51. Johan Galtung: A Note on Dialogues With Children (M3.)3 pp
52. Johan Galtung: Forms of Presentation: A Forgotten Aspect of Social Science Epistemology (M4.)26+3 pp
53. Johan Galtung: Towards Synergy in Networks of People With Networks of Problems: A Note on GPID Methodology (M5.)23 pp
31. Johan Galtung, Erik Rudeng, Tore Heiestad: Makro-Historie og den Vestlige Sivilisasjon: En Presentasjon av et Forskningsprooram (TWC 9) (Norwegian)43 pp
32. Dag Poleszynski: Waste Production and Overdevelopment: An Approach to Ecological Indicators (WIP 9)22 pp
33. Johan Galtung: Positivism and Dialectics: A Comparison23 pp
34. Johan Galtung: Generalized Methodology for Social Research23 pp
35. Johan Galtung: Self-Reliance: Concept, Practice and Rationale25 pp
36. Johan Galtung: Social Position and Social Behavior: Center-Periphery Concepts and Theories24 pp
37. Johan Galtung, Anders Wirak: Human Needs, Human Rights and the Theory of Development (WIP 10)75 pp
38. Malva Cifuentes: Testing WIP Development Concepts: Chile Before and After the Coup (WIP 11)57 pp
39. Johan Galtung: Structural Analysis: Vocabulary, Graphs and Structures as Indicators (WIP 12)21 pp
40. Anders Wirak: Human Needs as Basis for Indicator Formation: A Tentative Approach (WIP 13)32 pp
41. Johan Galtung: Development, Environment and Technology: Some Non-Economic Aspects (TWC 10)92+2 pp
42. Johan Galtung: Culture, Structure and Mental Disorder (TWC 11)29 pp
43. Hakon Stang: Materialized Ideology: On Liberal and Marxist Power Analysis, Westernness and the Car (TWC 12)26 pp
44. Johan Galtung: The Politics of Self-Reliance28 pp
1. Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, Eric Ruge: On the Decline and Fall of Empires: The Roman Empire and Western Imperialism Compared (HSDRGPID-1)
2. Susan George: An Issues Paper - Contributed by the Food Study Group of the GPID Project (HSDRGPID-2)
3. Lim Teck Ghee, Ng Sock Nye: Working Towards Meaningful Dialogues: The Malasyan Experience (HSDRGPID-3)
4. Gilbert Rist: Development Theories in the Social Looking-Glass: Some Reflections From Theories to "Development" (HSDRGPID-4)
5. John Wak: Village Based Projects and Rural Development in Kala Village, Papua New Guinea (HSDRGPID-5)
6. Mats Griberg, Bjorn Hettne, Gordon Tamm: Societal Change and Development Thinking: An Inventory of Issues (HSDRGPID-6)
7. Telma Nudler: Towards a Model of Human Growth (HSDRGPID-7)
8. Roy Preiswerk: Cultural Identity, Self-Reliance and Basic Needs (HSDRGPID-8)
9. Patrick Healey: Basic Human Needs: The Politics of Mobilization (HSDRGPID-9)
10. Patick Healey: Basic Human Needs: Methodology and Mobilization (HSDRGPID-10)
11. Hiroharu Seki: Global Militarization and Its Remedy (HSDRGPID-11)
12. Fawzy Mansour: Global Social Democracy and the New International Economic Order (HSDRGPID-12)
13. Oscar Nudler: Notes for an Epistemology of Holism (HSDRGPID-13)
14. Kinhide Mushakoji: Scientific Revolution and Inter-Paradigmatic Dialogues (HSDRGPID-14)
15. M. Taghi Farvar: Aspects of the Iranian Revolution (HSDRGPID-15)
16. Mihai C. Botez, Ileana Ionescu Sisesti, Ana Maria Sandi, Adrian Vasilescu: Preliminaries on a Comparative Analysis of the Varios Viewpoints on the Quality of Life (HSDRGPID-16)
17. Chadwick F. Alger: The Organizational Context of Development: Illuminating Paths For Wider Participation (HSDRGPID-17)
18. Yona Friedman: The Quaternary Sector (HSDRGPID-18)
19. David C. Pitt: The Nature and Future of Development in New Zealand (HSDRGPID-19)
20. Yona Friedman: About Critical Groupsize (HSDRGPID-20)
21. E.L. Wijemanne, Earl Wanigasekera: Needs-Their Perception and Expression: The Sri Lanka Experience (HSDRGPID-21)
22. Anthony J. N. Judge: Representation, Comprehension and Communication of Sets: The Role of Number (HSDRGPID-22)
23. Kimon Valaskakis, Iris Martin: Economic Indicators and the GPID: An Attempt to Bring Economics Back Into the Church Without Losing the Faith (HSDRGPID-23)
24. Herb Addo: Approaching the Peculiarity of the Caribbean Plight Within the Paradox of the Representataive State in the Contemporary World-System (HSDRGPID-24)
25. Bennie A. Khoapa: The African Personality (HSDRGPID-25)
26. Dag Poleszynski: Negative and Positive Sides of Norwegian Life Style: An Empirical Assessment of Overdevelopment (HSDRGPID-26)
27. Peter Ester: Attitudes of the Dutch Population on Alternative Life Styles and Environmental Deterioration (HSDRGPID-27)
28. Andrzej Sicinski: Dominant and Alternative Life Styles in Poland: An Outline (HSDRGPID-28)
29. Kai Lemberg, Per Lovetand, Steen Juhler, Jens Falkentorp, Mogens Klovedal, Dino Raymond Hansen: Dominant Ways of Life in Denmark/Alternative Ways of Life in Denmark (HSDRGPID-29)
30. Lore Scheer, Fred Prager: Austria in the Year 1979: How Austria Weathered the Economic Storm of the Seventies (HSDRGPID-30)
31. Barbara and J. P. Roos: Ways of Life in Finland: A Preliminary Discussion (HSDRGPID-31)
32. Samir Amin: Reflexions sur la Theorie de l´Imperialisme; et Revolution ou Decadence? La Crise du Systeme Imperialiste Contemporain et Celle de l´Empire Romain (HSDRGPID-32)
33. Cadman Atta Mills: On Social Indicators and Development (HSDRGPID-33)
34. M. Hossein Haeri, M. Taghi Farvar: Traditional Rural Institutions and Their Implications for Development Planning: Studies from Hamadan Province of Iran (HSDRGPID-34)
35. M. Hossein Haeri: Economic Development and the Village in Iran: Prospects for an Alternative Approach (HSDRGPID-35)
36. Folker Frobel: The Current Development of the World Economy (HSDRGPID-36)
37. Otto Kreye: Perspectives for Development Through Industrialization in the 1980s: An Independent Viewpoint on Dependency (HSDRGPID-37)
38. Hugo Zemelman: Focus Problems Latent in the Construction and Use of Social-Economic Indicators (HSDRGPID-38)
39. Zdzislaw Sadowski: The Concept of Rationality and the Macro-Indicators of Goal Attainment in Socio-Economic Development (HSDRGPID-39)
40. Kimon Valaskakis: The Big Rock Candy Mountain: A Paradigm of the Values of the Mass-Consumprion Society (HSDRGPID-40)
41. Hans Zetterberg: The Swedish Public and Nuclear Energy: The Referendum 1980 (HSDRGPID-41)
42. Philippe d´Iribarne: How To Improve Our Life Styles (HSDRGPID-42)
43. Anna Coen, Eleonora Masini: Alternative Ways of Life: The Italian Case (HSDRGPID-43)
44. Lim Teck Ghee: Alternative Ways of Life in Malaysia: What Prospects for the Masses? (HSDRGPID-44)
45. Ramashray Roy: Alternative Ways of Life in India: Pollution of Poverty or Bane of Affluence? (HSDRGPID-45)
46. The Romanian Team: Mathematical Paths in the Study of Human Needs (HSDRGPID-46)
47. The Romanian Team: Aggregated Social Indicators and Some Theoretical Requirements (HSDRGPID-47)
48. M. Hossein Haeri: Dialectical Transformation: A Study of "Dialogue" As a Method for Research and Development in a Rural Milieu (HSDRGPID-48)
49. Susan George: The Hunger Problematique and a Critique of Research (HSDRGPID-49)
50. Johan Galtung: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Perspective and Some Theses (HSDRGPID-50)
51. Mihai C. Botez, Mariana Celac: Global Modelling... Without Models? Theory, Medhodology and Rhetoric in World Modelling (HSDRGPID-51)
52. Johan Galtung: Global Processes and the World in the 1980s: Prolegomenon I for a GPID World Model (HSDRGPID-52)23+9 pp
53. Herb Addo: Approaching the New International Economic Order Dialectically and Transformationally (HSDRGPID-53)
54. Johan Galtung: World Conflict Formation Processes in the 1980s: Prolegomenon III for a GPID World Model (HSDRGPID-54)
55. Andre Gunder Frank: Kampuchea, Viet Nam, China: Observations and Reflections (HSDRGPID-55)
57. Edited by Dag Poleszinski: An Issues Paper - Contributed by the Energy Study Group of the Goals, Processes and Indicators of Development Project, United Nations University (HSDRGPID-57)
59. Dag Poleszynski: Food, Social Cosmology and Mental Health: The Case of Sugar (HSDRGPID-59)
60. Stefan Welzk: Experiences With a Sequence of Development Strategies: The Case of Romania (HSDRGPID-60)
61. Arne Naess, Danilo Dolci: Holism and Ecology (HSDRGPID-61)
63. Gilbert Rist, with Oscar Nudler, Telma Nudler, Chadwick Alger, Herb Addo: The Rist Dialogues (HSDRGPID-63)
64. Hilda and Miguel Escobar: Dialogue in the Pedagogical Praxis of Paulo Freire (HSDRGPID-64)
65. Herb Addo: A World-System Critique of Freire's Philosophy of Education: Naming the World Capitalist Reality (HSDRGPID-65)
66. Mihai C. Botez, Mariana Celac: Undesirable Versus Desirable Societies (HSDRGPID-66)
67. Fred Mahler: Alternative Ways of Life: An Approach from the Viewpoint of the Reproduction/Change Theory (HSDRGPID-67)
68. Barbara Roos, J. P. Roos: The Upper-Class Way of Life: An Alternative for What? (HSDRGPID-68)
69. Herb Addo: Prologue: The Eurocentric State of the Discipline (HSDRGPID-69)
70. Jurgen Heinrichs: Development of Unemployment and Manpower Policy in the Industrialized Countries (HSDRGPID-70)
71. Victor Bravo, Guillermo Gallo Mendoza, Juan Legisa, Carlos E. Suarez, Isaac Zyngierman: A First Approach to Defining Basic Energy Needs (HSDRGPID-71)
72. Victor Bravo, Guillermo Gallo Mendoza, Juan Legisa, Carlos E. Suarez, Isaac Zyngierman: Capital Requirements for Water Heating: Solar Versus Conventional Equipment (HSDRGPID-72)
76. Dietrich Fischer: Major Global Trends and Causal Interactions Among Them (HSDRGPID-76)
77. Edited by Jan Danecki: The Transformation in Poland: Some Points of View (HSDRGPID-77)
45. Tore Heiestad: Nomadic Migration in Eurasian History (TWC 13)22 pp
46. Johan Galtung: Is the Legal Perspective Structure-Blind?16 pp
47. Johan Galtung: The Dynamics of Rank Conflict: An Essay on Single vs. Multiple Social Systems26 pp
48. Johan Galtung: Non-Territorial Actors: The Invisible Continent. Towards a Typology of International Organizations34 pp
49. Anders Helge Wirak: Om Indikasjon av Menneskerettightene (WIP 14) (Norwegian)81 pp
50. Malva Cifuentes: Self-Reliance and Dependence: A Latin American Perspective (WIP 15)45 pp
51. Johan Galtung: Human Needs as the Focus of the Social Sciences17 pp
52. Johan Galtung: Development From Above and the Blue Revolution: The Indo-Norwegian Project in Kerala 31
53. Dag Poleszynski: The Concept of Overdevelopment: Theories, Causality and Indicators (WIP 16)40 pp
54. Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, Erik Rudeng: On the Last 2500 Years in Western History and Some Remarks on the Coming 500 (TWC 14)58 pp
55. Johan Galtung: Self-Reliance and Global Interdependence: Some Reflections on the "New International Economic Order"31 pp
56. Johan Galtung: Literacy, Education and Schooling - For What? (PEP 8)28 pp
57. Johan Galtung: Korea North and South: Never the Twain Shall Meet? Is Peaceful Cooperation Between Different Systems Possible?22 pp
58. Johan Galtung: On the Future of the Mediterranean: Some Notes From an Outsider19 pp
59. Johan Galtung: "Nonterritorial Actors and the Problem of Peace" in Saul H. Mendlovitz (ed.): On the Creation of a Just World Order, Amsterdam: North Holland63 pp
60. Johan Galtung: Whither Technical Assistance? On the Future of International Development Cooperation28 pp
61. Johan Galtung: China After Mao - Is There a Chinese Strategy of Development?11+17 pp
62. Johan Galtung: On the Rise of Intellectuals as a Class: An Excursion Into Self-Criticism (PEP 9)13 pp
63. Johan Galtung: Poor Countries vs. Rich, Poor People vs. Rich: Whom Will NIEO Benefit?40 pp
64. Einar Flydal: Begreper og Indikatorer om Indre Kolonisering: Gir "Etnisitet" et Metodologisk Utgangspunkt? (Concepts and Indicators of Internal Colonization) (WIP 17) (Norwegian)38 pp
65. Jan Oberg: The New International Military Order - The Real Threat to Human Security. An Essay on Global Armament, Structural Militarism and Alternative Security (WIP 18)98 pp
66. Johan Galtung: Military Formations and Social Formations: A Structural Analysis26 pp
67. Johan Galtung: On the Eastern European Social Formation.21+4 pp
69. Johan Galtung: Social Outer Limits51 pp
70. Johan Galtung: "Human Needs, National Interest and World Politics: The Law of the Sea Conference" in Johan Galtung: Essays in Peace Research, Vol. V: Peace Problems: Some Case Studies. Copenhagen: Ejlers361-380, 490 pp
71. Johan Galtung, Anders Wirak: On the Relationship Between Human Rights and Human Needs (WIP 19)57 pp
72. Johan Galtung: On Violence in General and Terrorism in Particular27 pp
73. Johan Galtung: The Theory of Conflict and the Concept of Probability11 pp
74. Johan Galtung: The Basic Needs Approach (WIP 20)91 pp
75. Johan Galtung, Tore Heiestad, Erik Rudeng: On the Decline and Fall of Empires: The Roman Empire and Western Imperialism Compared (TWC 15)71 pp
76. Johan Galtung: Om Makrohistoriens Epistemologi og Metodologi: En Skisse (Norwegian)32 pp
77. Johan Galtung: Agrarian Reform and Rural Development: A Perspective and Some Theses39 pp
78. Johan Galtung: On Formal and Informal Power Systems And Their Effects on Global Planning, Management and Institutions25 pp
79. Johan Galtung: Towards a New International Technological Order?31 pp
80. Johan Galtung: The New International Economic Order and the Basic Needs Approaches: Compatibility, Contradiction and/or Conflict?23 pp
81. Johan Galtung: Educational Disparities, World Politics and the New International Economic Order28 pp
82. Johan Galtung: Social Cosmology and the Concept of Peace (TWC 16)28 pp
83. Johan Galtung: Some Strategies for Reducing Educational Inequalities11 pp
84. Dag Poleszynski: The Dominant Way of Life in Norway: Positive and Negative Aspects (WIP 21)38 pp
85. Johan Galtung: On the Structure and Function of Transnational Universities (PEP 10)13 pp
86. Dag Poleszynski: Social Pathologies and Energy Use in Overdeveloped Societies (WIP 22)37 pp
87. Magnus Haavelsrud: Friedenspadagogische Strategien Gegen Gewalt (Peace Pedagogical Strategies against Violence, with a Summary in English) (PEP 11) (German)34+4 pp
88. Dag Poleszynski: Overdevelopment and Alternative Ways of Life: The Case of Norway35 pp
90. Dag Poleszynski: Food, Social Cosmology and Mental Health: The Case of Sugar49 pp
91. Hakon Stang: On Historical Causality and Cosmology (TWC 18)34 pp
93. Hakon Stang: The Center-Periphery Myth of the World: Origin of Universalism in Eurasia (TWC 20)119 pp
96. Johan Galtung: Western Civilization in the Contraction Mode (TWC 22)33 pp
97. Johan Galtung: Two Ways of Being Western: Some Similarities Between Liberalism and Marxism26 pp
1. Johan Galtung: A Structural Theory of Imperialism - Ten Years Later17+3 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Material War Remnants: Some Sociological Observations16 pp
3. Johan Galtung: After Nuclear Disarmament - What?6 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Renewable Energy: Not Only a Question of When but of How17 pp
5. Johan Galtung: The New International Economic Order and Energy9 pp
6. Johan Galtung: The GPID(L) World Model: Some Basic Aspects27+1 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Towards a Model of Health Processes33 pp
8. Johan Galtung: The New International Order: Economics and Communication in Communication Economics and Development133-43 pp
9. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) Four Roads to Peace118 pp
10. Johan Galtung: A Dream Come False: The UN "University"67+7 pp
98. Johan Galtung: Structure, Culture, and Intellectual Style: An Essay Comparing Saxonic, Teutonic, Gallic and Nipponic Approaches. In Social Science Information (SAGE, London and Beverly Hills), 20, 6 (1981)817-56 pp
99. Johan Galtung, Fumiko Nishimura: Structure, Culture and Languages: An Essay Comparing the Indo-European, Chinese and Japanese languages.27+9 pp
11. Johan Galtung: On the Possible Decline and Fall of Japan19+9 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Building on Stein Rokkan9 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Goals and Processes of Development: An Integrated View41 pp
14. Johan Galtung: Peace Education: Learning to Hate War, Love Peace, and to Do Something About It; in International Review of Education, Special Issue: The Debate on Education for Peace; UNESCO Institute for Education, Hamburg281-87 pp
15. Johan Galtung: Why does the Environment Deteriorate - And What Can Be Done About It?16 pp
16. Johan Galtung: Disarmament and Development: What is the Relationship?3 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Researchers, Elites and People in a Rapidly Changing World15+5 pp
18. Johan Galtung: Formidlingsproblematikk i Freds og Sikkherhetsforskning (Norwegian)15 pp
19. Johan Galtung: An Even More Difficult World6 pp
20. Johan Galtung: An European Strategy for Security6 pp
21. Johan Galtung: NATO and the States of Western Europe: The Search for an Alternative Strategy17 pp
22. Johan Galtung: Health and Development in Norway72 pp
23. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) Environment, Development and Military Activity143 pp
1. Johan Galtung: The Vulgar, the Refined and the Restrained - An East-West Dimension10 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Some Likely Health-Related Societal Trends in Europe15 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Why Disarmament Negotiations Fail10 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Notes on the Current Crisis - I10 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Vier Wege Nach dem Frieden (German)4 pp
6. Johan Galtung: A Typology of GPID Members4 pp
7. Johan Galtung: The Western Cultural Tradition and the Struggle for Peace28 pp
8. Johan Galtung: On the Dialectic Between Social Processes and Health/Illness Processes15 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Alternative Trade Systems in the Present Crisis14 pp
10. Johan Galtung: The Palme Commission on Disarmament and Security6 pp
11. Johan Galtung: World Transformation and Social Transformation; And What About the Theater?12 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Sport and International Understanding: Sport as Carrier of Deep Culture and Structure14 pp
13. Johan Galtung: The Indo-Norwegian Project in Kerala: A "Development" Project Revisited18+8 pp
14. Johan Galtung: On the Relation Between Military and Economic Non-alignment14+3 pp
15. Johan Galtung: Active Peaceful Co-existence: Is a New Departure Possible?12+2 pp
16. Johan Galtung: People and the Technocratic Trinity5 pp
17. Johan Galtung: A Typology of UN Organizations29+1 pp
18. Johan Galtung: Who Are the Successors of Nazism?30 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Structure, Culture and Languages: An Essay Comparing the Indo-European, Chinese and Japanese Languages27+9 pp
20. Johan Galtung: On the Anthropology of the UN System18+3 pp
21. Johan Galtung: Religion as a Factor34 pp
22. Johan Galtung: Is There a New Germany Coming?8 pp
23. Johan Galtung: On Laws and Rules, And Attitudes to Laws and Rules8 pp
24. Johan Galtung: The United Nations System and the Four Worlds: Some Notes on Political Culture13 pp
25. Johan Galtung: Hawaii: A Study in Dependency Dynamics-Triple Dependency or Self-reliance?12 pp
26. Johan Galtung: Goals and Processes in Spanish Politics-Modernization, Yes – But Western Incorporation, or Autonomy?23 pp
27. Johan Galtung: Universities and the Problem of Size8 pp
28. Johan Galtung: Towards a New International Human Order? Contributions to the Manila Workshop17+7 pp
29. Johan Galtung: Military Activities and the Human Environment: Some Research Proposals5+4 pp
30. Johan Galtung: Images of the World in the Year 200027 pp
31. Johan Galtung: On Direct and Structural Resistance to Illegitimacy17 pp
32. Johan Galtung: Why Does the Environment Deteriorate? And What Can Be Done About It19 pp
33. Johan Galtung: Goals and Processes of Development: An Integrated View41 pp
34. Johan Galtung: Occidental Cosmology, Development and Developmentalism: A Prolegomenon to Development Studies11 pp
35. Johan Galtung: The GPID(L) World Model: Some Basic Concepts10 pp
36. Johan Galtung: On the Dialectic Between Crisis and Crisis Perception46 pp
37. Johan Galtung: Art, Changing World Order and Cultural Identity: Art As Carrier of Deep Culture and Structure20 pp
38. Johan Galtung: Det Sosialdemokratiske Norge Sett Med Amerikanske Oyne (Norwegian)7 pp
39. Johan Galtung: Common Security: Is There Such a Thing?18 pp
40. Johan Galtung: Can a Nuclear Holocaust Still Be Avoided?9 pp
41. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) THERE ARE ALTERNATIVES! Four Roads to Peace and Security
42. Johan Galtung: Eingreifende Wissenschaft (German)3 pp
43. Johan Galtung: Why Hiroshima/Nagasaki?5 pp
44. Johan Galtung: On the Rise of the Fourth World26 pp
45. Johan Galtung: Wissenschaftskolleg zu Berlin: Comments and Recommendations (German)13+1 pp
1. Johan Galtung: Why Is the Swiss Road to Peace Research so Tortuous?9 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Articles on War and Peace for Encyclopedia6 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Development of Society and Development of the Person24 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Towards Multinational Countries: An Essay on Migration and Minorities25 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Reaganism16 pp
6. Johan Galtung: Orwellian Society - Not Yet, But?10 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Norge og Nordmennene, Sett Utenfra, Ved en av Dem (Norwegian)18 pp
8. Johan Galtung: Transarmament: From Offensive to Defensive Defense21+6 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Stalinism22 pp
10. Johan Galtung: Work, Needs and Three Cultures10 pp
11. Johan Galtung: Will the Peace Movement Become a Liberation Movement?6 pp
12. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) GANDHI TODAY281 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Social Communication and Global Problems: Towards a New Information/Communication Order21+2 pp
14. Johan Galtung: Computer Society, Present and Future14 pp
15. Johan Galtung: How Universal Are the Human Rights?12 pp
16. Johan Galtung: From Disarmament to Transarmament: Evolving Trends in the Study of Disarmament and Security25+2 pp
17. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) HITLERISM, STALINISM, REAGANISM Three Orwell Variations150 pp
18. Johan Galtung: Frankreich und die Bundesdeutsche Friedensbewegung: Dialog mit der Franzosischen Linken (German)9 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Towards a New European Peace Order4 pp
20. Johan Galtung: The European Community: A Superpower in the Making?10 pp
21. Johan Galtung: Twenty Five Years of Peace Research: Ten Challenges and Some Responses42+5 pp
23. Johan Galtung: Preface:(BOOK) METHODOLOGY AND DEVELOPMENT: Theory and Methods of Social Research - III5 pp
24. Johan Galtung: Occidental Cosmology and the Theories of Peace and Development8 pp
25. Johan Galtung: The People Were Right (at least so far)27+2 pp
26. Johan Galtung: Geography as Peace and Development Education2 pp
1. Johan Galtung: The Nordic Countries in a Historical and Global Context: A Bird's-Eye View18 pp
2. Johan Galtung: The Nordic Countries in Year 2000: A Vision of Self-Reliance11 pp
3. Johan Galtung: The Nordic Countries in Year 2000: A Vision of Alternative Ways of Life10+1 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Six Dramas in Search of an Author11 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Development Theory: Notes for an Alternative Approach19 pp
6. Johan Galtung: Why Do the Universities Not Function?23 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Buddhism and Development9 pp
8. Johan Galtung: Peace and Buddhism14+6 pp
9. Johan Galtung: The Green Movement: A Socio-Historical Exploration16 pp
10. Johan Galtung: Western Socio-History = Universal History? An Exploration in Realistic Development Theory27 pp
11. Johan Galtung: The Cold War, Peace and Development: A Comparison of the Atlantic and Pacific Theaters25+6 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Towards a New Economics: On the Theory and Practice of Self-Reliance15 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Karlstad 1905, Karlstad 1949, Karlstad 19--?: Speech on the Occasion of the Karlstad Fourth Centenary, June 19843 pp
14. Johan Galtung: On French (Sorbonne) Intellectual Style: Some Observations 6 pp
15. Johan Galtung: Technological Information Pilot System (TIPS): Design for a Training Programme12+38 pp
16. Johan Galtung: Spania (Norwegian)5 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Frankrike (Norwegian)5 pp
18. Johan Galtung: The Cold War As an Exercise in Autism: The U.S. Government, the Governments of Western Europe - And the People29 pp
19. Johan Galtung: Development Models and World Space12 pp
20. Johan Galtung: 8 May 1985: Reconciliation - Or Something Else?9 pp
21. Johan Galtung: On Success and Failure of Organizations: An Essay in the Theory of Administration, With Four Case Studies29 pp
22. Johan Galtung: Towards a New Understanding of Science5 pp
23. Johan Galtung: Bert Roling - In Memoriam6 pp
24. Johan Galtung: Social Structure and Economic Performance: The Lessons From Japan
25. Johan Galtung: Om Patologi og Samfunnsutvikling (Norwegian)27 pp
26. Johan Galtung: Peace Education: How to Succeed in Peace Education Without Really Trying14 pp
27. Johan Galtung: Alternativen - Forord (Norwegian)5 pp
28. Johan Galtung: Global Structures of Social Injustice: Christianity, Islam and Social Justice9 pp
29. Johan Galtung: The European Superpower: A Critical Assessment16 pp
30. Johan Galtung: Theory Elements: Building Bricks for Alternative Theory7 pp
31. Johan Galtung: Scientists and the Peace Movement: Some Notes on the Relationship11 pp
32. Johan Galtung: Alternative Economic Theory: Some Desiderata9 pp
33. Johan Galtung: On the Role of the Media for Worldwide Security and Peace11 pp
37. Johan Galtung: (BOOK) EDUCATION AND DEVELOPMENT (not published)
38. Johan Galtung: Buddhism and Leadership for Peace4 pp
39. Johan Galtung: Hiroshima-Nagasaki-Okinawa: Some Reflections on Japan, Peace and War9 pp
40. Johan Galtung: Spionologi og Arne Treholt (Norwegian)9 pp
41. Johan Galtung: Notat om Arne Treholts Personlighet (Norwegian)7 pp
42. Johan Galtung: Finnlandisering og Europas Sikkerhet (Norwegian)5 pp
1. Johan Galtung: Treholtsaken - En Norsk Tragedie (Norwegian)27 pp
2. Johan Galtung: U.S.A. (Norwegian)5 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Kommentarer til NOU 1985:17 (Norwegian)4 pp
4. Johan Galtung: Toppmotet som Forsvant (Norwegian)3 pp
5. Johan Galtung: The Power of Images2 pp
6. Johan Galtung: An Answer: Calogero e Sbagliato2 pp
7. Johan Galtung: WORLD POLITICS OF PEACE AND WAR: An Exploration of Macro Politics (unpublished book)181 pp
8. Johan Galtung: A World of Wounded Nations: On the Production, Distribution and Consumption of Trauma2 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Anti-American, Anti-Washington, Neither or Both?10 pp
10. Johan Galtung: The Next Twenty-Five Years of Peace Research: Tasks and Prospects28 pp
11. Johan Galtung: On the Grammar of Stereotypes14 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Peace Theory: An Introduction22+1 pp
14. Johan Galtung: On the Reunification of Korea7+4 pp
15. Johan Galtung: On the Social Construction of AIDS11 pp
16. Johan Galtung: Peace and the World as Inter-Civilization Interaction29+6 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Note on the Program of UNITAR12 pp
18. Johan Galtung: The Vulgar, The Refined and the Restrained: A Rejoinder to Professor Zagorski6 pp
19. Johan Galtung: If the Devil is Interested in Peace Research Three Guiding Principles: A Proposal9 pp
20. Johan Galtung: Olof Palme -- In Memoriam: Can a Prime Minister Fight for Peace?10 pp
21. Johan Galtung: What Is Meant by Peace and Security? Some Options for the 1990s17+2 pp
22. Johan Galtung: Princeton Center for Peace Research, Education and Action: A Note With Some Proposals4 pp
23. Johan Galtung: Back to the Origins: On Christian and Buddhist Epistemology20 pp
24. Johan Galtung: On the Social and Cultural Implications of Nuclear War10 pp
25. Johan Galtung: On the Conceptualization of Mental Disorder: A Note on Psychiatry and the Nuclear Arms Race16 pp
26. Johan Galtung: The RAMBO Phenomenon6 pp
27. Johan Galtung: International Organizations and World Decision-Making19+8 pp
28. Johan Galtung: Mainstream vs. Countertrend in International Relations Theory: On the Linkage Between Cosmology and Epistemology45+2 pp
29. Johan Galtung: Commencement Address Minnesota: International Language Villages, German Studies, Concordia College, Bemijdi, Minnesota12 pp
30. Johan Galtung: Commencement Address Berkeley: Peace and Conflict Studies Program-University of California, Berkeley15 pp
31. Johan Galtung: Contradictory Reality and Mathematics: A Contradiction?22 pp
33. Johan Galtung: On the Causes of Terrorism and Their Removal18 pp
34. Johan Galtung: Demasking U.S. Foreign Policy: Noam Chomskys Turning the Tide5 pp
1. Johan Galtung: The European Community and the Working Class: Some Preliminary Observations12 pp
2. Johan Galtung: Statement Concerning Professor William O. Peterfi3 pp
3. Johan Galtung: Comments on Professor Ahn&pos;s Paper: Korea in the Year 200013 pp
4. Johan Galtung: What Does It Mean to Be an Advanced Country? Korea at the Crossroads9 pp. 09 pp
5. Johan Galtung: Research on Imperialism: Inter-Disciplinary Approaches to International Relations23 pp
6. Johan Galtung: Book Review: Vilhelm Agrell, BEHIND THE SUBMARINE CRISIS4 pp
7. Johan Galtung: Review Essay: Kenneth E. Boulding: THE WORLD AS A TOTAL SYSTEM and HUMAN BETTERMENT11 pp
8. Johan Galtung: The Peace Movement: A Structural-Functional Exploration45 pp
9. Johan Galtung: Introduction, Essays in Peace Research, Vol. VI16 pp
10. Johan Galtung: UNESCO, A Contribution to Peace?23 pp
11. Johan Galtung: The Politics of Time for Work4 pp
12. Johan Galtung: Language and War: Is There a Connection?17 pp
13. Johan Galtung: Dialogues in Practice5 pp
14. Johan Galtung: The United Nations Today: Problems and Some Proposals- And Some Remarks on the Role of the Nordic Countries22+1 pp
15. Johan Galtung: Now Is the Chance!2 pp
16. Johan Galtung: Methodology and Development: Epilogue8 pp
17. Johan Galtung: Nonviolence Against Extreme Oppression: Three Cases Compared - Norway, Germany, Poland17+1 pp
18. Johan Galtung: Occupied Palestine: Is a Nonviolent Solution Possible?17+1 pp
19. Johan Galtung: A New Era for NGOs in the United Nations?11+2 pp

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Peace and conflict studies is committed to peace as a value and to peaceful methods as the most desirable form of conflict transformation.  With the ultimate goal of human well-being, it is dedicated to the reduction of violence, militarism, armaments and war through nonviolence, disarmament, and the peaceful settlement of disputes.  Accordingly, Peace Research publishes studies related to the philosophy, theory, and practice of conflict resolution, peace education, and peace movements. 

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