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Oedipus Essay Thesis Example

Im trying to think of a thesis satementent for the oedipus the king topic free will vs. fate.
the thesis statement should include:
1) 3 points (ABC) examples
2) good vocab usage
3) be 1 sentence



Mar 23, 2012   #2

Why don't you try to come up with something, and I'll tell you if it's a thesis. I don't want to write your thesis.

Both the concept of fate and free will played an intregal part in Oedipus' destruction.
I need 3 points to support it though


Mar 23, 2012   #4

It's been years since I read Oedipus but I'll try to show you an example.

Decisions based on fear, haste, and superstition contribute to fate overcoming free will in Oedipus Rex.

Not the best example of a thesis, but it's a start. See how I use three general points to say that something else occurs.

X + Y + Z ------> A > B


Mar 23, 2012   #5

It's a good essay. Here's the thesis:

"His pride, ignorance, insolence and disbelief in the gods, and unrelenting quest for the truth ultimately contribute to his destuction."

I would narrow it down to the pride, the disbelief and the quest. Everyone is ignorant of something at sometime. He's a king how can he be insolent?

How are these related?
Disbelief in the gods-----> disbelief in fate?
Quest for truth-----> Free will?

You have to become a philosopher in order to write about these old plays. :)
I live in modern times and don't believe in fate or superstitions, so it's hard to convey these archaic systems in modern terms.

how should i fix my essay?


Mar 25, 2012   #7

Start with the thesis as I described above.

Disbelief in the gods-----> disbelief in fate?
Quest for truth-----> Free will?

Do you see the connections that were on the tip of your tongue?

"Oedipus' unyielding desire to uncover the truth about Laius' murder and the mystery surrounding his own birth, led him to the tragic realization of his horrific deeds." Good sentence

Find two or three quotes that support 1) pride 2) disbelief in the gods 3) quest for truth. The quotes you found are good ones, but they don't necessarily support your thesis.

Also try to use the PRESENT TENSE. Almost all teachers want you to use the present tense in an analysis essay.

I would love to read another draft.

ok thank you, but I am still struggling on finding 3 points and quotes to use in my essay. Could you please edit the essay I wrote?

Thanks :)


Mar 29, 2012   #9

I took some notes alongside the editing marks. I would highly recommend to rewrite a significant portion of the essay.

ok, how would you rewrite the things you edited in my paper?


Mar 29, 2012   #11

Find two or three quotes that support 1) pride 2) disbelief in the gods 3) quest for truth. The quotes you found are good ones, but they don't necessarily support your thesis.

Also try to use the PRESENT TENSE. Almost all teachers want you to use the present tense in an analysis essay.

Does the pride counterbalance the disbelief in the gods?
Does pride support the quest for truth or is there some other reason?

I'm not writing the essay for you. (I already wrote one my senior year of high school and did receive an A on it.) What works best in Oedipus is finding simple relationships and describing them. I think that you had a good start, but if you are unwilling to do anything else--your fate will be not much better than I predicted.

Most teachers these days don't even write comments. I remember getting a few words at the ends of my essays. You are fortunate that you found someone willing to work with you. For free! I'm an unemployed A student! And, you still aren't using this opportunity?

and fyi- im not asking you to write the essay for me...
and i appreciate you helping me,,your just not clear for me to understand...Just please use nicer words, what you said was alittle mean and insulting...

thanks for the help


Mar 29, 2012   #13

"ok, how would you rewrite the things you edited in my paper?"

Yes, you were asking me to rewrite the paper. It's the one rule of the edit.
If I choose to help you construct sentences, then it's a gift. It's something
you can't expect or ask me to do. Would you say, "Dad,
give me $50 I want to buy something?" No. But, if your Mom or Dad said, "Here's
$50 for your birthday," then you take it and thank them. It's the same rule.

How am I being unclear? Maybe if you ask some additional questions, I'll figure out where you're stuck.

Yes, but I phrased what I ment to say wrong.
And clearly, you are bragging about being an "A" student after graduating, i am also an "A" student.
i didnt know you were this mean and rude...


Mar 31, 2012   #15

Dear Saran,

You are taking what I'm saying the wrong way.
I was hoping that you would take my advice after
learning that I received mostly A's my senior year
and in college. I was not the A+ writer (although I
admit I did receive a couple A+'s on college papers).
I'm not your teacher. I'm not bragging.
You don't know me from any other stranger. Right?
I don't know you. I just thought you should take me up
on my offer to help you with your paper. It's friendly
advice on my part.

"i didnt know you were this mean and rude..."
This sort of comment you make to someone you know?

I can't believe anyone on this website would have hard feelings.
It's free advice!! I'm not judging you as a person. I don't know you,
nor will I ever know you. I pointed out the weaknesses in your introduction.
I would have continued with the remainder of the essay, but you are
stalling at every point.

I received a C on an essay my junior year in high school. It was a bump up from the
D my classmates gave me! Ouch. That really hurt. (It was a girl from my old church too.)
I'm glad that I received the low grade, because it taught me something important that I didn't know before. (NOT humility.) It was that my parents were wrong sometimes. I asked them for a little help with the paper, and it was the wrong advice!! Before this time, every single question I ever asked them they answered correctly. Every single question, so I obeyed them unconditionally. At that time, I realized that everyone made mistakes including my parents. After that, I didn't feel as badly receiving a bad grade.

What sort of comments does your teacher use?

If you were paying for advice, what would you expect me to say?

Analysis on Oedipus the King quotations

Hi, My english told me to dig deeper (have depth in my analysis) of the following quotes. I don't know how to have depth in my analysis. The analysis should be 4-5 sentences, and have a deep and meaningfull meaning

Here are the quotes:
1.Oedipus says, "What can I ever see? What love, what call of the heart/ can touch my ears with joy? Nothing, friends."
2.Oedipus says, "Listen to you? No More. I must know it all, / I must see the truth at last"
3.Oedipus says, "Now my curse on the murderer, Whoever he is, / alone man unknown in his crime or one among many, let that man drag out his life in agony, step by painful step"

4.Jocasta said, "Stop- in the name of god, / if you love your life, call off this search! / My suffering is enough."
Thank You!!

Oedipus the king uses symbolism to show fate unfolds truth;Advice on thesis statement

I needed help with with my thesis statement for oedipus the king in making sure that my literary element and theme go together.

Thesis: In Oedipus the king, Sophocles uses symbolism to show that fate unfolds truth.

Im confused on how to find words to put a good thesis together.
help please. Thanks!

In Oedipus the King , Sophocles uses symbolism to show that fate unfolds truth.

It looks good so far, but maybe add something about why Sophocles chose to use symbolism or what message he wants to give his audience about fate or truth.

Composing a Perfect Oedipus the King Analysis Essay

Oedipus the King

is one of the works that are most often assigned to students to write about, so your first step is to find a topic that is not overused or trite. You can achieve it by focusing on the plot, rather than on literary devices.

Remember that a literary analysis essay should move beyond the summary of plot or characters, and beyond your personal opinion. Make an argument and defend it with evidence from the text.

Developing a Thesis Statement

Your thesis statement is the foundation to build your whole essay on. To develop a strong thesis statement, you need to read a literary work, then think of any questions you have about it. There must be at least one aspect that makes you confused or curious. Examples of such questions one may ask about Oedipus the King are:

  • Why is Oedipus typically viewed as a heroic character, despite his apparently self-destructive behavior and traits such as arrogance and rashness?
  • What played a greater role in Oedipus’s downfall – fate (portrayed as the will of the gods and goddesses) or his own actions?

Make a list of all questions that come to your mind after reading Oedipus the King to select the best one for your essay. Use this checklist to determine whether your question is good:

  • Is it open to interpretation? (A good literary analysis question should have more than one possible answer, like both the exemplary questions above. A simple factual question such as “what was the blind prophet’s name?” does not meet this condition.)
  • Do you need to look at various parts of the play to answer it?
  • Is it broad enough to expand on for several pages?

After you have selected your essay question, rewrite it as an assertion. For example, “despite his apparently self-destructive behavior and traits such as arrogance and rashness, Oedipus is typically viewed as a heroic character because he rebelled against the power of fate.” This will be your thesis statement.

Writing Your Essay

  • Search the book for specific examples that support your thesis, e. g. the steps Oedipus takes to avoid his destiny.
  • Use the observation-quotation-explanation method; make a comment on the play, back it with a quotation from the text, then explain how this quotation supports your thesis.
  • Rephrase your thesis statement in your last paragraph: “Oedipus combated his tragic destiny in a truly heroic way, but his arrogance and rashness became his downfall.” If the evidence and reasoning you presented throughout your essay are strong enough, your reader should now be convinced.

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